This is another tiny home an Alaskan Hunting Cabin basically, this time decorated inside on an Asian theme. I converted Meshes from both the Asian Fusion and the World Adventures expansion to fluff up my house with. I missed those Asian themes pretty bad, I love their look. Those meshes are now on MTS! So I thought I’d upload this home to go with them ^_^

This home contains custom meshes by me, also available on MTS at :


Meshed Items needed for this set include Bed, Chair, Table, TV, Sofa, Dresser, Sculpture, End Table and Lights.

First Floor.jpg

second floor.jpg


Lot Size: 20×15
Lot Price (furnished): 57056
Lot Price (unfurnished): 37800

Additional Credits:
Delphy, who is always awake at strange times.
Sims4Studio (both the program and the people!)
EA for giving me the idea ^_^
The sims creation Chat here on MTS for urging me to do it right when it comes to credits

Lot Availabled at MTS


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