Country Bedroom Recolors

This is a standalone recolor set of EA Meshes. The paintings are photos taken by me in Alaska and put in the frames 🙂 Adv warning, their “recolor” item images in game are actually their texture files, so they don’t get lost in the gallery

This Set can be downloaded here!



Sims Fusion Asian Themed Items

So I’ve been truddling away at getting some of the Asian themed items from Sims 3 swapped to Sims 4. With pieces from the Asian Fusion set, as well as a couple from World Adventures this is just the first steps in getting them all done. So I focused on getting a good bedroom set up and running from them. So without further ado, here is my set.

My example is a guest bedroom, conveniently NOT attached to your main house XD.


Meshed Items – Bed/Chair/Table/TV/Loveseat/Dinner set sculpture/Dresser/Painting/lights and the TV 😀

Asian Dinner Set – Decorations – Misc – 375
Asian Double Bed – Comfort – Beds – 750
Asian Fusion Wall Lantern – Lighting – Wall – 225
Chair of Equality – Comfort – Dining Chairs – 90
Dresser of Power – Storage – Dresser – 765
End Table of Time – Surface – End Table – 85
Loveseat of Prosperity – Comfort – Loveseat – 250
Table of Balance – Surfaces – Dining- 500
Television – Electronics – TVs – 3400
WA Asian Dresser – Storage – Dresser – 1190

Polygon Counts:
Asian Dinner Set – High 574×458, Medium 442×329, low 331×240
Bed – High 2648×2028, Medium 1825×1374
Asian Fusion Painting Frame – High 640×362, Medium 443×233, low 240×142
Asian Fusion Wall Lantern – High 411×425, Medium 322×301, low 255×208
Chair of Equality – High 861×576, Medium 750×443, low 469×299
Dresser of Power – High 1149×706, Medium 928×567, low 769×468
End Table of Time – High 693×384, Medium 514×285, low 340×196
Loveseat of Prosperity – High 1357×1156, Medium 1130×841, low 925×605
Table of Balance – High 398×246, Medium 292×180, low 188×128
Television – High 1391×792, Medium 765×437
WA Asian Dresser – High – 849×594, medium 498×307

This set can be found at MTS at

Spanish Themed Home

If you haven’t downloaded one of my houses before I try to design real houses for the Sims 4 I hope you enjoy them ^_^

This is a 3 bedroom 1 Bathroom home, with no CC included


There is an outdoor BBQ area that would suit a hot tub nicely, if you happen to have the newest stuff pack. If not there is still BBQ and Bar out there for the big house parties. You’ve got 3 Garden plots to dig at as well outside, and a bird bath to hopefully watch birds dance.

First Floor

Second Floor

Anyway I hope you like how it turned out

Computer based Skills
Television Based Skills

Lot Size:40×30
Lot Price (furnished):177,118
Lot Price (unfurnished):65,354

This house can be found on the Gallery under PersRealmsShadow

or from MTS at

Sims 4 Charleston Place

Charleston Place


3 Bedroom, 2 Full Bath, 2 Half bath

A 3 story home based on the Charleston Place home designed to fit that narrow 40×20 lot in Newcrest. It combines Spanish and Mediterranean with a flair that is special to the old south. Plain stucco walls and a row house kind of floorplan. The bottom floor being Kitchen and Dining, the Second floor being Bedrooms and living room, and the top floor being the Master, Study and Gym. The outdoor area contains a pool and places to relax in the shade with a drink while you wait for the BBQ ribs to finish up and listen to the blues coming from the piano. Take a moment and garden while you smell the flowers. Full gallery style wrap around porches let you lean over and watch the playing in the pool, or take in a quiet chess game, above all the bustle of the party below. An easle lets you capture the beauty of the world around you, and the workbench behind lets you create all you desire for your home.

Computer based
Television Based

First Floor


Second Floor


Third Floor


Lot Size

Furnished – 220,837
Unfurnished – 67,655

Downloadable on the Gallery under PersRealmsShadow

or from MTS at