Prison Challenge continued

We’re advancing in our prison challenge almost ready for a new inmate! 😀 Just need to get his toilet in and section off the shower for him.


First though, we’re gonna add a garden and a yard for our prisoners. They’re getting expensive to feed! (and they’re sick of always eating grilled cheese!)


Always with the grilled cheese! But our first inmate is a rebel, he waited til late at night and made himself MAC AND CHEESE! That rebel!


First to get the Garden in


Garden is built and in, and we got the toilet for the new inmate!

lookin good.jpg

So it is time! Ariel has arrived!


Right to work he went, into the garden (since he was kind enough to pop with the loves the outdoors trait :D) He enjoyed it some much he was whistling while he worked!


Meanwhile Matron Mama Morton decided she needed some extra cash, and decided to write some books about being around the prison. It’s called writing what you know


Loren is hard at work trying to get that painting skill up, she’s sick of this no-window existence


It’s been a long few days, but now it’s sleepy time


With everyone snug in their beds (or almost he’s working on it I tell you) this episode of the PRS Prison is done 🙂 Stay tuned for more!


Prison Challenge

I decided to try the Sims 4 Prison Challenge 🙂

First I had to get a Warden… I give you Matron Mama Morton (in her Sunday Best)


Next we had to pick an out of the way place for our prison 😀


Soon it was time to move in, the Matron’s house is fancy

(she thinks)


While the Prisoners Prison is just a little sparce


Welp, that’s our starting up post, lets see if this works 😀